A recent (March 2021) report from Wallet Hub (https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-highest-lowest-tax-burden/20494) compares the 50 States on their relative Total Tax Burden. The Total Tax Burden looks at 3 factors. First there is Property Tax. Second is Individual Income State Tax. Finally, the Sales & Excise Tax. Florida Property Tax Assessment may be affected by recent pandemic-related shortfalls.

Overall, Florida ranks as the 5th lowest in overall tax burdens. This comes with a caution, because Florida is one of 6 states that do not collect a State Tax on Individual Income. This leaves Property Tax and Sales & Excise Taxes.

Florida Tourism Sales TaxWhen ranking Property Tax, Florida’s 2.74% burden drops her from the 5th least overall, to the 29th most. The report ranks Florida in the Top 10 most burdened Sales & Excise Tax, at 4.23%. Florida draws heavily from Tourist Industry related sales. This includes hotels, car rentals, restaurant & bars, conventions, and those famous attractions. It also includes the typical discretionary excise taxes like tobacco, alcohol, gasoline and gambling.

Florida’s Sales & Excise Tax revenues have suffered due to the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. This leaves Florida Property Tax Assessment standing in the spotlight as a potential source to recover lost revenues.

Source: WalletHub

Any business or individual that has vested real estate interests should be prepared to protect their investments with comprehensive Property Tax Mitigation efforts.

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