Champions Commercial Consulting
Property Tax Solutions

Champions Commercial Consulting, LLC (C3) provides clients with expert boutique property tax advisement with years of experience and proven results.

Champions Commercial Consulting
Property Tax Solutions

Champions reviews property record card information of client owned properties to ensure accuracy. Also, market and comparative assessment analyses are conducted to determine whether a client’s property assessment is in line with sales data.

Champions Commercial Consulting
Property Tax Solutions

Our services includes financial and operational performance reviews of income generating properties. Financial metrics considered are rent levels, lease terms, vacancies, concessions, CAM and needed capital improvements.

Champions Commercial Consulting
Property Tax Solutions

Experience includes off campus student housing projects, apartments, golf courses, luxury homes and other commercial property types.


Experience with different classes of hotels, office buildings, apartments, retail and vacant land.


Multi-tenant warehouse, single tenant warehouse, special purpose structures, mini-storage facilities, distribution warehouses and manufacturing facilities.


C3 has successfully handled assessment reviews for large high-end residential properties.  Areas of concern are the softening of sales activity, market positioning, comparable assessments and capping of assessed values.

Champions Services

Whatever your property investments, Champions Commercial Consulting provides a full-range of assessment services. To learn more, just click Let’s Get Started.

Concierge Services

Our firm provides boutique personalized services to clients which include professional experienced advice, insight, developing strategic themes, follow up and being responsive to client needs.

Commercial & Industrial

Experience with different classes of hotels, office buildings, apartments, retail, and warehouses.


Successfully reduced assessments, provided homestead exemption advice and portability issues for large value homes.  In certain markets, there is evidence suggesting values of high-end residential properties may be softening.

Portfolio Management

It’s not uncommon for our clients to own numerous properties.  A portfolio analysis is performed to identify properties with the greatest tax implications and issues.  Our firm works with clients to prioritize properties of greatest concern.


With sound data, our firm assertively negotiates and appeals tax assessments to reach an equitable assessment, establish a fair baseline and stabilize future property tax obligations.

Committed Support

Long-term service and support to build and maintain professional relationships. Credibly generate transparent deliverables and results.

Michael Chaves

Champions Commercial Consulting (C3)

Michael Chaves (BSBA, MPA, CAE, Licensed Real Estate Broker) is the managing member of Champions Commercial Consulting, LLC.  Mr. Chaves’ experience includes serving as the Commercial Division Director and Condominium Division Director for the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser’s Office.

Mr. Chaves’ academic background is in finance and land use planning.  Mr. Chaves is also credentialed with a Certified Assessment Evaluator (CAE) professional designation through the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).


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